• November 13, 2015

Optymyze Enhances Self-Service Analytics, Adds Social and Territory Management

Optymyze, a provider of cloud applications and services for sales and channel performance analysis, today introduced the third quarter release of its Optymyze Sales Performance platform.

With this product update, Optymyze introduced a range of product enhancements to further elevate sales performance management as a strategic activity and provide greater transparency throughout the process.

One element of the launch is new self-service and predictive capabilities as part of the Optymyze Sales Analytics Platform. With enhanced visibility into key sales information, sales operations can deliver customized tables, repors, and analytics visualizations to sales managers, who can then perform their own analyses. In addition, sales managers can use the predictive capabilities to see future projections related to many types of data within the system. These new capabilities are accessible on mobile devices as well.

Optymyze also introduced an enhanced territory management application as part of the Optymyze Sales Org Cloud solution, which enables users to visualize sales performance based on map views of territories. Users can apply filters to the data and view performance metrics within the context of the territory map. A configuration wizard guides them through set up.

Part of the Optymyze Sales Force Cloud solution, the new Optymyze Social Objectives product enables users to create objectives with a defined measurement scale and that can be aligned upward to higher-level group or department objectives, or cascaded downward from the department level to individual employees. Collaboration features, like the ability to support discussion forums around the objectives of others in the organization, can provide encouragement and constructive feedback to employees. This application is also fully mobile and can be used easily on any device.

Also included is a new Configuration Analyzer tool as part of the Optymyze Platform. This new offering assesses the impact of changes to data objects and informs sales operations teams what reconfigurations or updates might be required as a result of those updates.

"We are pleased to announce the latest updates to our platform, which will empower sales teams with new self-service predictive analytics functionality and improved sales territory management and enable organizations to better align sales teams with overall goals," said E.K. Koh, vice president of products at Optymyze, in a statement. "As sales organizations grow and strive to succeed in increasingly competitive markets, our investments in our products will help by increasing sales person engagement and alignment between sales and the business objectives, leading to better business outcomes.

"The ability to advance sales team engagement is crucial to creating a highly motivated sales organization, eager to reach their own professional goals and work toward overall company objectives," Koh added. "We are pleased to introduce solutions that facilitate how companies manage their sales teams and provide the visibility into key analytics, performance metrics and social capabilities to improve alignment and, as a result, achieve greater sales performance."

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