• September 15, 2016

Optimizely Releases Optimizely X

Optimizely today unveiled Optimizely X, a completely re-engineered platform that includes enhancements to Optimizely's flagship Web and Mobile products as well as new products designed specifically for developers to help them conduct experiments on any channel, device, or application.

With Optimizely X, Optimizely enables companies to test what customers see on their web sites, but to also test what they experience, such as the order of search results, product and content recommendations, new mobile features, and pricing changes.

"From Curie and Edison to Jobs and Musk, every great invention and scientific discovery was born from experimentation," said Dan Siroker, Optimizely's CEO, in a statement. "Optimizely X represents a quantum leap forward in what our customers can achieve by letting them push the boundaries of experimentation and transform the digital experience for their customers."

Optimizely X enables continuous experimentation on any channel and any device with an Internet connection. With real-time results powered by Optimizely's Stats Engine, the offerings include the following:

  • Optimizely X Web Experimentation, to run experiments across web sites;
  • Optimizely X Web Personalization, to incorporate first-party and third-party data, along with behavioral targeting and dynamic customer profiles;
  • Optimizely X Web Recommendations, to automatically add product, category, and content recommendations to any web page leveraging machine learning to continuously improve recommendations;
  • Optimizely X Full Stack, to run experiments on any application in the most popular coding languages, including Python, Java, Ruby and Node, with more SDKs to come, with server-side and client-side testing unified on a single experimentation platform;
  • Optimizely X Mobile, with enhanced features and developer tools to run experiments on apps built on iOS and Android; and
  • Optimizely X OTT, to enable experiments in any over-the-top (OTT) TV application using tvOS or Android TV, such as navigation, app layout, site design, featured content, or integrated message testing.

Optimizely X will be generally available Oct. 4.

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