• October 13, 2023

Optimizely Debuts Optimizely One, a Marketing Operating System, at Opticon

Optimizely, a digital experience platform provider, at its Opticon event in San Diego introduced Optimizely One, an operating system for marketing practitioners built on its digital experience platform.

Composed of Optimizely's integrated capabilities and built on a cloud infrastructure, Optimizely One offers a highly composable architecture for marketing. Optimizely One is enriched through a single, unified workflow accelerated by artificial intelligence, for marketers to create, manage, deliver, and optimize content in one place.

"Marketing is the only remaining enterprise function that doesn't have a go-to platform, so we designed Optimizely One to be the operating system for marketers," said Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely, in a statement. "Content is at the core of every digital experience, and Optimizely One provides exactly what marketers need to orchestrate their content, monetize experiences and experiment across all touchpoints, all enriched through smart workflows and accelerated by AI. The time is now for companies to seize the opportunity to reinvent how marketing, product and growth teams work together to create content-driven digital experiences."

With Optimizely One, new capabilities include the following:

  • CMS SaaS core, to design entire web experiences with a low/no-code interface and automatic upgrades, SLAs, and managed services;
  • Graph, to aggregate content from any source, manage it from a single hub, and deliver it to any channel, app, or device;
  • Visual Experience Builder, to apply pre-built templates and customer data to create and preview experiences via an editor;
  • Unified Workflow for planning to analysis, all based on a single unified platform across all Optimizely applications;
  • Experiment Collaboration, to manage every aspect of experimentation;
  • Omnichannel Authoring, to create content once and pull it into multiple content types and formats, to deliver to any channel, device or platform;
  • Opal, an identity for AI to surface insights, review recommendations, create new content, and serve as a co-pilot when needed;
  • Partnership with Writer for business-focused language learning models (LLMs) to create enhanced AI-generated content that includes specific industry knowledge.

With Writer, Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) customers will be able to leverage language learning models within their marketing workflows, leveraging the Writer platform to develop content.

"We're continually reinventing the way marketers work, so they can more easily deliver exceptional digital experiences to their customers and drive maximum business impact without having to make any tradeoffs," said Rupali Jain, chief product officer of Optimizely, in a statement. "Optimizely One is a shared operating system that gives teams unprecedented levels of transparency, flexibility and simplicity to manage their entire marketing lifecycle. With the guidance of Opal and power of experimentation data, every part of the lifecycle is rooted in science."

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