• March 17, 2016

OpinionLab Launches Its Winter 2016 Release

OpinionLab today launched its Winter 2016 release to harness the power of customer feedback.

The new release enables companies to derive value from customer feedback, especially verbatim comments, by activating their entire organization in real time around priorities and opportunities.

"In today's hyper-competitive market, how effectively you respond to your customers is just as important as providing them a path to give you feedback," said Mark Treschl, president and chief technology officer at OpinionLab, in a statement. "Our Winter 2016 release is a game-changer, as it fundamentally redefines how an enterprise leverages its resources to act on customer feedback."

OpinionLab's Winter 2016 release introduces the following:

  • Collaborative Labels, which assigns labels to customer feedback submissions, tailored to a company’s internal work flow, to distribute, categorize, organize, act upon, and track issues and opportunities; and
  • Collaborative Notes, which fosters a dialogue among internal stakeholders acting on specific customer issues or opportunities by allowing them to add detailed notes and view the notes of others.

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