• May 20, 2020

Openprise Launches API Factory

Openprise, a provider of data orchestration platforms for marketing and sales, today released Openprise API Factory to help companies automate business processes into custom application programming interfaces (APIs) with a single click.

The APIs generated by API Factory automate processes using specific business logic, enabling companies to add real-time interactivity and bridge feature gaps in other applications.

API Factory also restores CRM system performance and usability by offloading resource-intensive processes. Companies can use API Factory to perform real-time data enrichment, provide self-service user onboarding, enable real-time inquiry account matching and routing, and extend Openprise segmentation and account and lead scoring capabilities.

API Factory also allows the creation of API wrappers that can also serve as data firewalls, performing data quality, deduplication, validation, and unification tasks.

"API Factory makes it easy to add real-time features without cluttering your CRM with multiple instances of custom code, apps, or third-party plug-ins," said Ed King, CEO and founder of Openprise, in a statement. "Customers using Openprise API Factory can now create and manage all their CRM customizations and simplify their tech stack with a single no-code platform."

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