• November 8, 2022

Openprise Introduces RevOps Data Automation Cloud

Openprise, a provider of revenue operations automation, today launched the Openprise RevOps Data Automation (RDA) Cloud, supporting data orchestration and workflow automation across the full customer lifecycle.

Openprise RDA cloud consists of three core layers: deep data orchestration; no-code full-funnel automation builders and delivered solutions; and funnel measurement and instrumentation. It connects sales and marketing applications to all of the systems of record.

Openprise RDA Cloud offers the following capabilities:

  • New Openprise Data Quality, Data Enrichment, Campaign Attribution, Routing & Matching, and Account/Territory Administration solutions.
  • Full-lifecycle funnel automation with the Project-builder workbench to simplify access to data, build and test complex automations, and activate across back-end integrations, and Funnel Automation and Visualization to define funnel stages across multiple funnel flows, set triggers, and orchestrate plays across stages.
  • Flexible RevTech connection and activation to rationalize revenue technology stacks, contextualize data by use case, and align data and systems. The launch also introduces the Open Connector Framework and more than 160 integration adapters and the Composite Applications framework to simplify data access.
  • Automation lifecycle management across monitoring and alerting, documentation auto generation, and project cloning and parameterized migration.

"At Openprise, we believe that great data and great processes are core elements of a successful and thriving business," said Ed King, founder and CEO of Openprise, in a statement. "When we founded Openprise we focused on building the industry's best data processing and orchestration platform that maintains a critical balance between operational scalability and depth of RevOps specialization. This is at the core of the Openprise RDA Cloud and our RevOps solutions. Our relentless pace of innovation has enabled us to be the first in the market to deliver today a RevOps data automation cloud that helps revenue and [go-to-market] teams create new automation capabilities throughout the funnel while simplifying their RevOps technology stack."

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