• March 22, 2023

One AI Unveils Generative AI Solution for CRM

One AI today announced its artificial intelligence solution for CRM with multilingual AI capabilities to maximize lead conversion, enhance customer engagement, and increase their revenue.

"It's like having an additional 1,000 relentless, diligent, employees on your team analyzing every customer interaction 24/7 at a fraction of the cost," said Amit Ben, co-founder and CEO of One AI, in a statement. "It is what businesses need today to stay competitive and what customers will come to expect from any product or service in the near future."

One AI's solution empowers companies to add capabilities like topic and action item extraction, follow-up reminders, summarizing conversations, and detecting customer sentiment and emotion.

With One AI's solution for CRM, organizations can have a complete overview of each customer across the journey. It summarizes and extracts key information from every customer interaction and helps identify trending issues, new competitors, and feature requests.

Advanced AI and natural language processing can be used to identify entities, emotions, sentiments, and more in customer interactions. Users can track sales and marketing opportunities, identify the next action to take, and increase lead-to-deal conversions.

Other features include automation of routine tasks and tagging of tickets and knowledge-base articles .

"With One AI's CRM solution, the voice of the customer is elevated to a whole new level as businesses now have an in-depth understanding of their customer needs, preferences, and behaviors by summarizing and extracting data from customer conversations, clustering input from transcripts, chat, and emails, Ben said. "It really provides a 360-degree view of sales and market opportunities across channels so organizations can increase their lead-to-deal conversion rates."

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