• April 1, 2015

Offerpop Expands Engagement Marketing Platform with Consumer Data Product

Offerpop has added a consumer data product to its engagement marketing software-as-a-service platform, empowering brands to develop consumer profiles, perform advanced segmentation and analysis, and activate consumers through highly targeted and personalized marketing initiatives.

Offerpop now provides a new way for brands to collect, own, and manage the social, behavioral, and affinity data acquired when consumers engage with them across channels—from mobile and social to email and e-commerce. Offerpop automatically aggregates and appends the data to dynamic individual consumer profiles owned by the brand and managed within the Offerpop platform, enriching these profiles over time as consumers continue to interact with brand experiences. This top of funnel engagement data can be unified with bottom of funnel information, such as purchase history, enabling brands to optimize engagement marketing initiatives and calculate ROI, including increases in average order value and lifetime value.

With Offerpop, marketers can drive targeted ad buys, personalize and segment email marketing, and identify affinity-based partnership opportunities. Campaign performance can also be tracked in detail, allowing brands to pinpoint how each demographic or audience segment is responding to marketing messages, measure the value of engagement across channels, and optimize marketing strategy and spend accordingly.

Offerpop helps marketers spur digital, mobile, and social engagement through customized experiences, user-generated content, and conversion capabilities. Offerpop's user-generated content solution includes aggregation, curation, and display of photo, video, and text content across channels, rights management, the ability to share special offers, and out-of-the-box conversion features, including purchase tracking.

The features of Offerpop include the following:

  • Enriched Consumer Profiles: automatically build unified profiles with identity matching; progressively enrich profiles with behavioral, affinity, and other engagement data; integrate Offerpop engagement data with existing email, CRM, DMP, and e-commerce platforms to enrich profiles with additional information, such as purchase history.
  • Analytics: surface key insights across audiences and monitor engagement marketing program performance in a unified dashboard.
  • Segmentation: navigate and explore consumer data, including defining and saving dynamic segments based on demographic, behavioral, and affinity criteria.
  • Activation: activate segments via Custom and Lookalike Audience advertising on Facebook, Tailored and Lookalike Audience advertising on Twitter, personalized email campaigns, and other marketing channels.

"Today's always-on world offers limitless opportunities for brands to engage with consumers across digital and traditional channels. It's now critical for marketers to harness the new data stemming from these engagement programs to better understand their consumers, and activate and convert their audiences," said Wendell Lansford, CEO of Offerpop, in a statement. "Our new data product allows brands to collect, own, and manage their consumer engagement data in one system built to produce the best marketing results in the industry."

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