• November 9, 2021

Nimble Launches Workflows

Nimble today launched Workflows to help companies manage repeatable people-related business processes and ;external contact-related workflows.

Nimble's Workflows help users track and manage everything needed to move contacts and companies through the processes necessary to grow the business.

"Most companies don't use any CRM or a team contact manager and still manage customer interactions in spreadsheets and email," said Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble, in a statement. "Nimble's new Workflows enable teams to manage people-related business processes with a relationship-focused CRM that is designed to be the whole company's contact manager."

Nimble created Workflow templates for repeatable business interactions across customer support, order management, accounts receivable, hiring, PR, influencer marketing, fundraising, and more. Workflow templates are customizable to track the stages and fields that fit unique engagement processes.

With Nimble Workflows, users can do the following:

  • Relate workflows to contact records, associating workflows with people and companies to get a 360-degree relationship overview, including history of interactions, calendar events, attachments, and custom field information;
  • Manage business workflows across departments and functions, including hiring, influencer marketing/PR, fundraising, professional network building, etc.
  • Use pre-built workflow templates with pre-defined stages and fields, modify existing templates, or create new ones from scratch;
  • Visualize contact workflows in spreadsheet or board views and use in-line editing to make quick changes to information being tracked on contacts; and
  • Manage workflows from anywhere, including email inbox, website, web forms, social media, business apps, or via Zapier/Integromat or Nimble's API.

"What I love most about Nimble is that it’s built for the whole company, not just salespeople. I believe that the whole team should share and manage a common contact database that tracks the interactions and follow ups needed to grow a successful company," said Jeff Sheehan, an integrated marketing consultant and speaker, in a statement. "By adding Workflows, Nimble now enables everybody across the company to manage the people-related processes that they need to truly scale a business."

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