• January 18, 2017

Nikaza Launches Context Hub for Digital Advertisers

Nikaza has launched Nikaza Context Hub, a service that connects indoor location companies, beacon networks, and Wifi networks with programmatic advertising.

With its proprietary technology that embeds location and context in bid requests, Nikaza can inform bidders of the exact location and context of mobile users, allowing them to deliver a more relevant experience to those consumers.

As part of this launch, Nikaza has signed an agreement with Corner Media, a digital-out-of-home media firm, to create a proximity network of more than 400 retail and mixed-use destination venues in key U.S. markets. Corner Media's real estate network will provide Nikaza with current consumer context and intent-to-buy information on up to 150 million mobile users in the U.S.

"Nikaza Context Hub is designed for companies to take advantage of the context of content consumption to influence in-the-moment engagement and conversions versus solely relying on offline intent signals and data that are stitched together," said Mano Pillai, CEO of Nikaza, in a statement. "Our partnership with Corner Media gives us a very rapid start in establishing our service as one of the most valuable data sources in the digital advertising industry."

Corner Media will immediately begin deploying a Nikaza network of 10,000 connection points. Both companies expect to reach between 250,000 and 900,000 individuals per venue per month, with the possibility of reaching millions of individuals daily across hundreds of venues.

"With the fragmentation of beacon networks and proximity solutions, Nikaza unifies these disparate networks via the Context Hub, opening up monetization opportunities through a context-oriented header bidding service. Proximity service providers and beacon networks implementing physical web experiences can take advantage of it to monetize their inventory. Our partnership with Corner Media is the first among many networks that we plan to activate in the coming months," Pillai added.

"This partnership represents a great opportunity for Corner Media to further expand our location-based media offerings for our advertisers and real estate partners," said Joe Kunigonis, president of Corner Media, in a statement. "We expect this segment of location-based data enrichment to grow rapidly, as this is a critical component to the success factor of mobile programmatic advertising within the physical environment."

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