• February 8, 2023

NielsenIQ Partners with Pacvue

NielsenIQ has added Pacvue to the NielsenIQ Partner Network, an ecosystem of solution providers for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. The partnership creates a direct link between retail media and the omnichannel market.

"For the first time, brands can directly measure the impact of digitally native activity and investments on both in-store and online market share," said Justin Belgiano, senior vice president of e-commerce and omnichannel measurement at NielsenIQ, in a statement. "Pacvue's software suite for e-commerce advertising, sales, and intelligence, combined with Data Impact's digital commerce, granular location-based analytics, and insights, will allow companies to drive omnichannel promotion and advertising activations and grow their business across critical retailers."

Clients will now be able to connect retail media investments to market impact and answer questions like the following:

  • How does my investment at Amazon impact my sales there and in other channels?
  • How correlated is return on ad spend across keyword types and assets to true incrementality and total sales performance?
  • How effective and efficient is retail media vs. other investment choices for capturing market share growth?

"NielsenIQ is recognized as the gold standard in the CPG industry, with brands and retailers already relying on NIQ for valuable macro-level trends, category rankings, competitive insights, and market performance data," said Melissa Burdick, president of Pacvue, in a statement. "With our partnership, brands will be able to optimize omnichannel promotional activities at the store level and measure their impact with location-based analytics and insights powered by Data Impact, rule, and AI-based retailer-level media and operation engine from Pacvue, and NIQ's omnichannel category sales and share platform."

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