• January 10, 2020

Nielsen Acquires Merchandising and Analytics Provider Precima

Nielsen Global Connect has completed its acquisition of Precima, a provider of cloud-based retail and customer data applications and analytics, from Alliance Data Systems. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Through this acquisition, Nielsen Global Connect will deepen its portfolio of personalized and addressable pricing, promotion, and assortment capabilities by leveraging Precima's consumer loyalty and retailer analytics solutions. This deal brings Precima's loyalty data-backed collaboration programs and retail relationships to Nielsen Global Connect clients, globally. Precima's employees will now integrate into the Nielsen Global Connect organization.

"Nielsen is a natural home for Precima to execute our shared vision of advancing collaboration and growth for the industry," said Brian Ross, Precima's president, in a statement. "We are proud to be joining the Nielsen Global Connect family to bring our innovative technology to life for Nielsen's global clients."

"This acquisition marks an exciting advance in the Nielsen Global Connect business," said Pat Dodd, chief commercial officer at Nielsen Global Connect, in a statement. "Driven by a mutual desire to enhance collaboration between the manufacturing and retail industries, this is a game-changing deal. By combining Precima's customer-centric technology with ours, we remain committed to being the unrivaled power source to drive brand and retailer growth. The Nielsen Global Connect business is moving quickly to enrich our clients' operational processes with world-class data and science, fostering collaborative relationships across the industry and continually strengthening our predictive analytic capabilities for our clients across more than 100 markets globally."

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