• February 6, 2019

NextGen Leads Launches NextGen Connect

NextGen Leads released NextGen Connect, a free-to-use text messaging service for insurance agents.

NextGen Connect performs immediate follow up on leads, allowing users to send customized text messages to each lead they purchase. Leads can either reply to the message, which will be routed to the agent, or call the agent at the phone number provided.

"This is a really exciting launch for us," said Ronnie Garcia, chief technology officer at NextGen Leads, in a statement. "Establishing initial contact with a lead is one of the biggest challenges facing insurance professionals, and that is exactly the problem Connect solves. We have seen from our internal testing how much Connect helps with contact rate, and because we're offering this for free to all of our customers, we expect significant adoption and positive feedback."

NextGen Connect is free to use for all NextGen Leads customers. Text messages can be configured and applied to campaigns directly from NextGen's Buyer Dashboard. NextGen also provides reporting metrics to inform customers of how Connect is performing for them.

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