• September 22, 2016

Neustar Partners with Facebook on Marketing Attribution Analytics

Neustar, a provider of real-time information services, has partnered with Facebook to launch advanced marketing analytics capabilities. This will allow Neustar to do people-based measurement, which will help marketers better understand the effectiveness of their digital campaigns and drive greater returns from their marketing investments.

Neustar's integration with Facebook will help marketers better understand Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network digital campaign attribution and combine these results with their marketing mix modeling to understand the holistic influence across offline and online.

Neustar is working with leading advertisers to integrate Facebook exposure into the advertisers' Neustar MarketShare advanced attribution models. As a result, advertisers can gain deeper insights into how Facebook drives conversions along the customer journey and across mobile, desktop, and other devices, and predict future marketing performance. This new formula augments the cookie- and click-based approaches with a people-based measurement approach.

The Neustar MarketShare advanced attribution solution takes into consideration both offline marketing tactics and non-media drivers (e.g. weather patterns, economic indicators, etc.) to help clients examine the true value of their digital marketing performance. In addition, proprietary propensity models give clients an indicator of how likely customers are to purchase certain products or services in response to marketing activities.

"In a world where brands need to connect both online with offline, understanding how to build a connected customer experience across people, places, and things is more complex than ever. With the proliferation of devices, the fragmentation of media, and the dizzying amount of content consumers are exposed to, it is no wonder marketers struggle to accurately identify their customers, measure, and optimize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns," said Steven Wolfe Pereira, chief marketing and communications officer at Neustar, in a statement. "Marketers who invest in understanding their own customer graph and employ a people-centric view across media, devices and channels are much more likely to drive business results than those who do not. We are thrilled to be partnering with Facebook to improve how marketers build connected customer experiences as we continue to drive the next generation of advanced attribution solutions forward."

The Neustar MarketShare advanced attribution solution can also help advertisers see which channels are more effective at different stages of the customer journey, break out media channel performance by customer segments, such as new, existing, and reactivated, and show which campaigns are more effective when launched simultaneously.

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