• March 25, 2014

Neustar Launches PlatformOne to Centralize Marketing Solutions

Neustar, a provider of real-time information and analytics, today announced PlatformOne, a single interface that integrates real-time customer and media insights with the tools to activate more tailored and personalized campaigns, both offline and online.

PlatformOne streamlines the marketing ecosystem by unifying the tools and centralizing the processes needed for more precise measurement, increased sales, and greater ROI for all inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

The following are the three main components combined and integrated into this platform:

  • Customer Intelligence: PlatformOne leverages Neustar's proprietary data to enable marketers to identify and verify their customers in real time and apply predictive segmentation to inform inbound and outbound marketing efforts. This information can help answer questions such as: who is at the other end of an inbound request (i.e. call into a call center)? And, how do I ensure we deliver the best offer based on that customer’s buying habits, lifestyles, and demographics?
  • Media Intelligence: PlatformOne provides marketers with real-time media intelligence by connecting online and offline data and answering key questions around which inventory providers deliver the most exclusive reach or which audiences deliver the most actions. With PlatformOne advertisers can attribute every sale across the sales funnel within one interface.
  • Activation: By combining customer and media intelligence, PlatformOne ensures a personalized dialogue across every customer or prospect interaction. Marketers can close the loop and measure the success of campaigns by crediting media, leads, sales, and conversions to individual campaigns to which users are exposed online.

"The complexity of the marketing ecosystem grows almost daily. Advertisers must grapple with a proliferation of online and offline devices and channels and make sense of a tsunami of audience and media data," said David Jakubowski, senior vice president of marketing solutions at Neustar, in a statement. "PlatformOne combines up-to-date, authoritative customer information with media insights, enabling marketers to activate against the data to drive increase user reach and increased sales. In essence, it's an easy button to help marketers quantify the value of their media spend both offline and online."

"Today's marketers have to deal with every possible form of communication and medium to reach their respective audiences in the multichannel, multiformat, multiscreen world we live in," said Harry Henry, vice president of Outsell, in a statement. "Neustar's PlatformOne is a unique solution that provides marketers with the ability to efficiently manage their needs. Creating a one-stop shop that offers a complete view of the customer and the ability to connect in every way is impressive."

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