• December 16, 2020

Neustar Launches Fabrick ID

Neustar, a provider of information services and technology and identity resolution, today launched the Neustar Fabrick ID to power addressable media buying and selling without relying on cookies or mobile advertising IDs (MAIDS).

The Fabrick ID provides cross-media linkages between advertiser audience data and publisher media inventory to help companies with digital media planning, addressable audience targeting, marketing analytics, and multitouch attribution .

"Neustar Fabrick is bringing our unmatched combination of data, technology, and cross-media linkages to connect all sides of the digital marketing world," said Steve Silvers, senior vice president of product and general manager of customer experience at Neustar, in a statement. "The Fabrick ID is a true identity-based solution that links phone number, email, and our unique consumer and household graph to publisher audience data. And it's entirely compatible with the other major deal IDs used in the media buying and bidding process."

Publishers and supply-side platforms can now replace audience and subscriber IDs with a Fabrick ID in real time. A Neustar Fabrick API call automatically substitutes personally identifiable information with a pseudonymized identifier. The Neustar Fabrick ID can also be used to improve audience data quality by correcting bad data and enriching sparse data records with identity-based demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geolocation-specific information.

"Buyers and sellers of media can now seamlessly transition from a reliance on risky third-party cookies and MAIDs to a more stable, privacy-centric ID," said Ted Prince, an executive vice president and president of analytics solutions at Neustar, in a statement. "The Fabrick ID gives publishers and advertisers a sustainable and accurate means of managing and reaching audiences, as well as measuring marketing performance via our advanced analytics and multitouch attribution solutions."

In addition to publisher and SSP integrations including PubMatic, Neustar Fabrick connects to demand-side platforms, ad serving, data syndication, and other marketing technology vendors like The Trade Desk, LiveRamp, and Flashtalking.

"As we all look to improve identity and build a strong open internet, interoperability and collaboration are critical components for the future of digital advertising, and connecting Unified ID 2.0 with Neustar Fabrick represents a step forward in this industry-wide approach," said Bill Michels, general manager of product at The Trade Desk, in a statement. "Unified ID 2.0 is an interoperable and open-source solution that can work with other ID solutions, like Neustar Fabrick. With this partnership, brands can trust that they are fully preparing for the future of advertising on the open internet, a future with addressability, scale, transparent measurement, and consumer privacy controls."

"PubMatic's partnership with Neustar Fabrick further supports our commitment to scale up cookie-less identity solutions as a means of driving superior outcomes for publishers and advertisers alike," said Andrew Baron, vice president of Marketplace at PubMatic, in a statement. "Through the integration of the Fabrick ID with PubMatic's Identity Hub solution, our customers can leverage valuable, privacy-centric identity data to enhance audience addressability."

"As an industry, we must continue to find new ways to connect publisher inventory to advertiser demand, while prioritizing the privacy and experience of the consumer. Today, we underscore the importance of that approach by leveraging our open and scaled infrastructure to make Fabrick ID interoperable with our own people-based, pseudonymous ID," said Travis Clinger, senior vice president and head of addressability and ecosystem at LiveRamp, in a statement. "This partnership also allows Fabrick customers to access publishers who leverage LiveRamp's Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) through LiveRamp's people-based ID to reach authenticated audiences and measure outcomes at the individual level in a privacy-focused way. Both the Fabrick ID and ATS provide sustainable solutions that will enable marketers and publishers to work better together without cookies or device IDs."

"The Fabrick ID is helping establish a much-needed identity-based currency, setting us up for the post-cookie world," said John Nardone, CEO of Flashtalking, in a statement.

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