• January 14, 2020

Neustar Introduces Flexible Digital Identity Authentication Solutions

Neustar, a provider of information services and customer identity solutions, has expanded its digital identity risk portfolio with the release of Digital Identity Risk Pro and Digital Identity Risk Flex to offer businesses more options for authenticating consumers initiating digital interactions.

Neustar's digital authentication solutions sort users into high- and low-risk categories, allowing businesses to identify legitimate consumers and allow their transactions to proceed while flagging potentially fraudulent transactions for additional verification.

Neustar Digital Identity Risk Pro incorporates more than 200 data points, including device-based verification, device behavioral attributes, IP-based verification, IP-based behavioral attributes, geolocation signals, and deep online-to-offline identity linkage analysis using the Neustar OneID system, to generate a device score, an IP score, and an overall identity risk score. Neustar clients can use these scores to identify the degree of potential risks and inform the manner of interaction this firm has with this consumer.

Neustar Digital Identity Risk Flex is a digital authentication solution using fewer data points and designed for rapid deployment. Digital Identity Risk Flex supplies IP-based verification, IP-based behavioral attributes, geolocation signals and deep identity linkage analysis to generate an IP identity risk score.

"These digital authentication solutions examine a broad range of factors to determine whether a given user is likely to be a legitimate customer or a fraudster," said Robert McKay, senior vice president of customer identity and risk solutions at Neustar, in a statement. "To take some obvious examples, if a mobile device has been linked to fraud in the past, or if it's a burner phone, that immediately raises red flags. On the IP side, anonymization attempts (using proxy services or VPNs) and traffic visitation patterns (fraudsters' browsing behavior differs considerably from that of ordinary internet users), for example, can provide further data that complement our online and offline identity verification procedures."

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