• August 31, 2017

Neustar Builds Onboarding Portal for Pandora

Neustar, a provider of real-time information services, has created a new onboarding portal for Pandora that will help companies deliver more context-specific and personalized advertising messages to Pandora's 76 million active listeners.

The custom-built CRM data onboarding portal allows advertisers to upload data in a privacy compliant manner to Pandora at scale. Powered by the Neustar OneID system, Pandora's onboarding portal allows advertisers to use anonymized offline data to find known customers on the music streaming service. Companies can build unique custom audiences using a combination of their first-party data records and access more than 2,000 audience segments that Pandora offers.

"Brands have a rich treasure trove of CRM data at their disposal, and, of course, they want to be able to connect with their customers on the platforms where they spend most of their time," said Julie Fleischer, vice president of marketing solutions at Neustar, in a statement. "Our best-in-class onboarding solution will provide Pandora advertisers with the audience data needed to deliver connected customer experiences, a true 360-degree view of the customer without any of the data loss, extra cost, or waste that commonly comes with a multipartner approach to onboarding."

"Pandora is a platform where brands have been able to identify, expand, and engage their known audiences through targeting solutions that can be activated with their first-party data for some time," said Dave Smith, vice president of monetization and yield management at Pandora, in a statement. "Our 100 percent logged-in user base allows us the unique ability to accurately deliver an advertiser's matched audience at scale in an anonymized manner, on any media type, and across any platform. In partnering with Neustar to build this custom onboarding portal, we can offer advertisers a new, effortless way to reach their customers on Pandora."

Neustar's proprietary three-step approach to data onboarding is routed in its OneID system, which is responsible for collecting, corroborating, and validating consumer and business identities. Neustar also helps companies design their own customer data strategy and customer graphs, allowing advertisers to target, activate audiences across offline and online, and measure the success of their campaigns.

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