• November 5, 2021

Netcore Cloud Partners with AudiencePoint on Email Automation

Cloud based marketing technology provider Netcore Cloud has collaborated with email data solutions provider AudiencePoint to enhance the Transactional Email API with the real-time automation.

"Transactional email APIs have long been the workhorse of email marketing, but rarely serve a strategic marketing purpose. Our partnership with AudiencePoint enables clients to leverage our global sending infrastructure with real-time precision to drive engagement-based campaigns, not just confirmations and receipts," said Matthew Vernhout, vice president of deliverability at Netcore Cloud, in a statement.

The partnership taps AudiencePoint's RTO (real time optimization) product, an always-on set of event listeners, indexing and relaying signals flowing through its email dataset.

"It's a massive amount of data," said Paul Shriner, chief innovation officer of AudiencePoint, in a statement. "We monitor a depersonalized set of over 500 million subscriber profiles and index engagement data as it happens. We can then relay those signals back to our clients, allowing them to initiate automations, CRM actions, or a variety of other activities. And we do it in near-real time."

"Re-engagement is becoming a mission-critical campaign type for most major brands. It's far easier and cost effective to re-engage an existing customer than to acquire a new one. And when paired with the affordability and scalability of a Transactional API, our solution can create revenue opportunities in a layer of the marketing stack typically associated with the cost side of the business. It's a true win-win," Vernhout added.

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