• November 11, 2015

NetBase Launches Audience 3D

NetBase, a social media analytics company, today launched Audience 3D, which connects with the Gnip Audience API from Twitter to provide brands with social media data to improve marketing and retargeting efforts.

The Gnip Audience API from Twitter provides data about audience demographics and interests. NetBase was a Twitter Audience API launch partner.

"Social data has created a gold mine of consumer insights for brands and agencies, which have truly changed the role of the CMO," said Pernille Bruun-Jensen, chief marketing officer at NetBase, in a statement. "Social is at the heart of business growth. With Audience 3D, NetBase is helping CMOs understand what their audience loves so they can engage in relevant conversation for stronger loyalty and greater business impact."

As a beta customer, 7-Eleven used Audience 3D to identify several unique audiences that matched its specific targeting profile for its SourPatch Watermelon-flavored Slurpee drink.

"The Sour Patch Kids Slurpee product was a true customer-driven innovation directly uncovered from social," said Matthew Schmertz, senior manager of digital marketing at 7-Eleven, in a statement. "With NetBase Audience 3D, we were able to identify passionate audience segments that would love our new Slurpee. This helped us extend reach by 3 million consumers and increased engagement by two times making this one of the year's most successful activations."

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