• August 26, 2015

NetBase Adds Audience Fingerprints to Its Suite of Audience Marketing Tools

NetBase, a social media analytics company, has added Audience Fingerprints as the latest in a series of innovations around its Audience Marketing product suite.

NetBase Audience Fingerprints lets marketers translate their customer segments for deeper insight. With Audience Fingerprints, brands can understand what a segment is saying about a specific topic or campaign. An audience segment can be as large as 500,000 people.

"Brand loyalty is very much alive, but, as the market gets more crowded, brands have to work much harder to build a loyal customer base," said Pernille Bruun-Jensen, chief marketing officer at NetBase, in a statement. "Consumers expect brands to know them on a personal level: what they like, their shopping patterns, and habits, and to use that knowledge to surprise and delight them. Audience Fingerprints helps brands and agencies unlock these insights, all with a goal of creating differentiated and relevant customer experiences."

In early testing, NetBase clients achieved more personalized audience understanding with Audience Fingerprints by doing the following:

  • Creating unique custom segments;
  • Understanding what segments or influencers are saying about the brand or an important topic to measure marketing effectiveness; and
  • Analyzing categories by monitoring how segments are talking about a category or specific products to identify promotional opportunities.

"Helping brands and agencies understand their customers is one of our primary goals at NetBase," said Peter Caswell, CEO of NetBase, in a statement. "Audience Fingerprints is an amazing innovation that allows brands and agencies to answer very specific questions, such as what are brand advocates saying about Volvo, or McDonald's, or Whole Foods? This will unlock valuable answers for businesses to help them grow."

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