• March 10, 2021

Natterbox Launches Insight to Analyze Call Recordings

Natterbox has launched Insight, an intelligent conversational and sentiment analytics tool for customer call recordings.

A core feature of Natterbox Insight is its training center. The platform listens to and transcribes all calls and performs an in-depth analysis to identify specific discussion areas, positive or negative terms, phrases, and sentiment.

Insight is designed for both sales and service teams. It can show supervisors which calls to listen to and identify the exact part of the call where training opportunities are present. Supervisors can then leave targeted feedback on the call, which is sent directly to the agent for response or acknowledgement.

Insight also collects long-term data from calls and the training that took place on them.

"Call centers and sales staff are used to being in an office and being able to hear the customer conversations going on around them," said Neil Hammerton, CEO of Natterbox, in a statement. "As a result of the pandemic, this is no longer possible for those working from home. We have lost that micro-communication and training. The training features Insight offers are, therefore, crucial to fill that gap in helping supervisors to provide remote coaching to call agents.

"Many businesses do not proactively listen to recordings at all and instead simply wait for a complaint to be made. This is because a solution that makes working in any other way possible, has simply not been available to them until now," Hammerton added.

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