• March 28, 2024

Nametag Launches Nametag Autopilot

Nametag, providers of an identity verification platform for helpdesks, today launched Nametag Autopilot,a self-service account recovery solution that prevents AI-generated deepfake attacks.

Nametag Autopilot prevents social engineering and impersonation attacks while deflecting password and multifactor authentication (MFA) resets to self-service. It authenticates the human behind the device, stopping account takeovers and data breaches by verifying users at critical moments like account recoveries, multi-factor authentication (MFA) resets, and high-risk transactions.

Nametag Autopilot's self-service verification completely shuts down threats like digital injection attacks, presentation attacks, social engineering, push fatigue, credential stuffing, and the use of AI-generated deepfakes.

For end users, Nametag Autopilot lets people reset their own MFA using any mobile device.

For the helpdesk, transitioning time-consuming calls and chats to self-service reduces the risk of breaches and account takeovers while cutting helpdesk costs by 30 percent. Nametag Autopilot is interoperable with leading technologies like Zendesk, Okta, Microsoft Entra ID, and Cisco Duo. It provides agents with a console that accesses a patent-protected combination of presentation attack detection and image inspection analysis using machine learning, mobile cryptography, facial biometrics, and proprietary AI models.

"The helpdesk has become a huge cost factor for CIOs, with support costs for MFA resets alone reaching the multi-millions. That's why it's our mission to arm every helpdesk with a faster, more secure solution," said Aaron Painter, CEO of Nametag, in a statement. "With Nametag Autopilot, we are advancing the science of human authentication, making it possible to accurately distinguish legitimate employees and customers from impersonators so helpdesks can stop highly sophisticated cyberattacks before they start. With the added challenges of escalating helpdesk costs, there's never been a more urgent need to ensure that account recovery processes are neither a financial burden nor a security vulnerability."

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