• August 31, 2017

NGData Adds Deeper Customer Intelligence

NGData, a customer experience management solutions company, has added Attribution and out-of-the-box Next Best Experience (NBE) solutions to Lily, its customer data platform. With these new capabilities, companies using Lily can better use customer data to engage customers while tracking their marketing efforts and optimizing marketing spend.

The Next Best Experience feature helps marketers deliver relevant and timely content and offers, consistently, throughout the omnichannel environment,allowing customers to continue their conversations across devices. Offers are based on each user's unique Customer DNA, which contains individual preferences (for offers, channels, time, etc.) and customer journey information, combined with customer context.

Based on the Customer DNA, the NBE solution focuses on tailored communications at the individual level through the right channel, right device, and right action parameters (message, tone of voice, design elements, etc.).

With NGData's Attribution solution, marketers gain a real-time understanding of the success of marketing activities across channels, including inbound and outbound activities, real-time and batch campaigns, and digital and human-assisted (e.g. calls) interactions.

NGData's Attribution solution provides attribution models that integrate into any marketing technology stack and deliver visibility into the profitability of every touchpoint across the customer journey.

"As consumer expectations around customer experience increase, marketers are under tremendous pressure to demonstrate that they understand the individual needs of each customer. At the same time, marketers must allocate budget to the most productive channels if they are going to fuel growth," said Luc Burgelman, CEO of NGData, in a statement. "We are dedicated to working with our customers to ensure Lily is a solution that helps them address the real-world problems impacting their business. We will continue to invest in refining our solutions to meet evolving market needs. With the new additions to Lily, NGData is arming marketers with the tools they need to deliver a consistently exceptional customer experience and make better decisions to optimize marketing ROI."

Additional new features and capabilities in Lily include the following:

  • Enhanced dashboards delivering real-time answers to questions about business performance;
  • The ability to incorporate Lily data into existing analysis and reports by integrating into customers' standard business intelligence tools, enabling users to gain additional insight from tcustomer data stored in Lily, both for ad hoc (e.g. hypothesis testing) and recurring queries; and
  • New configuration views that enable collaborative marketing by allowing multiple users to develop Lily configurations (e.g. making changes, testing, etc.) concurrently within one Lily environment, without impacting the other users.

Lily is a single solution that integrates data across all channels to build a holistic and individual customer DNA for each user. Lily’s Customer DNA stores thousands of up-to-date profile metrics reflecting facts, habits, intent and preferences from these data sources and delivers real-time insights to steer actions at the individual customer level.

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