• November 1, 2018

NAVIS Launches Complete Hospitality CRM Suite

NAVIS has launched the complete Hospitality CRM suite that unifies hotel reservations and marketing teams around their guest data.

"We know there's a huge data problem in the hospitality industry, and we also know from our clients that a clear view of leads and guest data will drive direct business," said Kyle Buehner, CEO of NAVIS, in a statement. "I'm very excited around the enhancements and integration within our suites of products leading to this launch and the roadmap in place for the coming months. A complete view of the guest journey is essential to where I see the industry heading."

The full suite of CRM products and services now includes the following:

  • NAVIS Reservation Sales Suite, a cloud-based solution that brings guest data and CRM functionality to call center software. It turns a reservation department into a sales team that able to generate more direct bookings and revenue, capture leads and guest data, improve reservation agent performance, provide greater visibility into marketing campaign effectiveness, and improve guest satisfaction.
  • NAVIS RezForce, a call center service offering 24/7 call overflow and after-hours support when agents are unavailable. The service is an integrated part of the NAVIS Reservations Sales Suite. With RezForce, NAVIS’ own sales agents use the CRM platform on behalf of NAVIS clients to capture reservation lead data and bookings, .  
  • NAVIS Marketing Suite, a cloud-based marketing automation solution that brings booked and not booked guest data into one place. It dynamically checks for future bookings and de-dupes lead and guest data from multiple sources and automatically launches triggered campaigns. 
  • NAVIS Analytics Suite, a cloud-based business intelligence solution that gives revenue-generating teams a holistic view of their business to compare data from different sources, monitor trends, and identify opportunities. 
  • NAVIS Marketplace Suite, an integrated part of the CRM platform that includes NAVIS’ partnerships and integrations with third-party systems already in place at lodging providers. 

"Unlike other solutions in the market, the NAVIS complete Hospitality CRM is not just a database or an email marketing service," said Amber Leto, vice president of product solutions at NAVIS, in a statement. "While it does include all of these elements, NAVIS' complete guest-relationship model takes in to account the full 360-degree guest profile, from their first research and inquiry to their ongoing loyalty. It connects your call center activity with all of your digital and offline marketing. This view is key to owning the guest relationship and driving direct bookings."

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