• March 25, 2014

MyBuys Announces MyAds Display Ad Solution

MyBuys, provider of coordinated personalization solutions for display ads, email and Web sites, today announced the general availability of MyAds.

This new display ad solution enables retailers and brands to acquire new customers, retarget recent site visitors, and reactivate dormant shoppers at no financial risk. MyBuys charges only once and only when a consumer makes a purchase. 

"With MyAds we are taking the risk out of display advertising," said MyBuys CEO Robert Cell, in a statement. "We can guarantee new customers on a cost-per-acquisition basis because we know key shopping behaviors of more than 250 million consumers. We recognize them across their devices, and we apply all these insights to create personalized display ads, emails, and Web site offers. Our clients achieve revenue lift because MyBuys predicts in real time what each consumer wants, knows how to reach them, and understands when they're most likely to act."

MyAds is comprised of three personalized display advertising solutions, each working in tandem to engage consumers at each point in the shopper lifecycle. They are the following:

  • MyAds Acquisition leverages the Active Shopper Database,consisting of 250 million unique, anonymized shoppers to model, target, and drive new-to-file customers.
  • MyAds Retargeting finds visitors who browsed but didn't buy and brings them back to an ecommerce site.
  • MyAds Reactivation re-engages previous customers outside of the typical retargeting window and gets them to buy again.

In addition to MyAds for personalized display advertising, MyBuys provides MyMail for triggered email alerts and personalized email recommendations, and MySite for up-sells and cross-sells on e-commerce sites. Each is coordinated to ensure that consumers have a consistent, personalized cross-channel experience for every channel in which they interact with the retailer.

Today MyBuys also released results from the annual e-tailing group consumer survey on personalization. Among the findings, the survey showed that 52 percent of shoppers buy more with cross channel personalization, and 83 percent of consumers want to be recognized across channels and devices.

"Our research shows that the majority of consumers want to be recognized across devices and realize that they buy more with cross channel personalization, yet only 23 percent of shoppers think the retailers where they shop online do a good job of recognizing them across devices and personalizing the shopping experience consistently across them," said e-tailing group president Lauren Freedman, in a statement. "Consumers expect to be known across the Web, and the predictive marketing technology fueling MyBuys positions the company as the solution provider that can do it."

More than 100 retailers and brands have been using MyAds during the beta period.

"We first saw the benefits of MyBuys' unique ability to upsell and cross-sell shoppers with MySite, which provides personalized recommendations on our ecommerce site," said LuckyVitamin CEO and Founder Sam Wolf, in a statement. "After a successful launch, we rolled out MyMail to deliver individually crafted emails to consumers, and we now use MyAds Acquisition, Retargeting, and Reactivation display ad solutions. LuckyVitamin is a customer-centric and metrics-driven organization that consistently uses A/B testing to ensure we only leverage technology that delivers revenue lift and customer satisfaction."

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