• March 24, 2020

Movable Ink Extends Personalized Visual Experiences to Mobile App Messages

Movable Ink, a visual experience platform provider for digital marketing leaders, today released Movable Ink for mobile, an expansion of the Movable Ink platform into branded mobile app messages, allowing marketers to generate personalized creative that seamlessly integrates into push notification, in-app, and app inbox marketing programs from the major mobile platforms.

With Movable Ink, marketers can automate the production of personalized creative based on any type of data, including CRM (name, loyalty, account history), contextual (location, device, weather) and behavioral (browsing, purchases) across email and websites. Now, the same functionality is available for mobile apps.

Movable Ink also ensures that content adheres to brand guidelines and optimizes content to maximize performance per channel.

Key capabilities of Movable Ink for Mobile include the following:

  • Automated Content Generation, allowing users to create personalized visual experiences for rich push and in-app messages and streamline production;
  • Data-Activated Creative, allowing users to build creative for rich push and in-app messages with real-time data like pricing and inventory, personalized offers, and loyalty reward balances, from API, web, CSV, CRM, and other sources;
  • Real-Time Contextual Content, allowing users to provide customers with unique visual experiences through an in-app message or the app inbox by targeting content with context such as location, weather, time, and device; and
  • Reporting, allowing users to analyze the performance of mobile messages and compare the effectiveness of creative variations with granular metrics.

"Mobile is a fantastic complement to email's broad reach," said Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink, in a statement. "A consumer that chooses to download a brand's mobile app and continues to use it regularly signals a deep relationship based on value, utility, and trust. We've seen great use cases during the preview phase of our mobile solution, and this general availability opens the floodgate for mobile marketing innovation and its potential to drive engagement, loyalty, and sales."

At Movable Ink's Think Summit 2019, the company announced partnerships with mobile platform providers Airship, Braze, and Upland Localytics, and these companies have been essential in enabling Movable Ink's expansion into the mobile channel. /p>

Movable Ink's integrated mobile solution has been in preview with early adopters, including The Very Group, an online retailer and financial services provider in the United Kingdom.

"We wanted an easy way to boost mobile app engagement. Working with Movable Ink and Airship, we developed a behavior-based rich push notification that showcased the most purchased products from our website by category," said Helen Wakefield, CRM lead at The Very Group, in a statement. "We were also able to show customers how many people had viewed the product in the past 24 hours using an integration with Taggstar. We can now easily send this notification across our CRM campaigns and are seeing great results. This combination of technologies offers a great opportunity to drive performance with other innovative mobile app campaigns."

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