Movable Ink, providers of a digital marketing platform, is partnering with SmarterHQ, providers of a multichannel behavioral marketing platform, to enable deeper personalization in email based on a customer’s behavior and interests, as well as real-time contextual data, such as location, device, weather, product price, and inventory.

The combination of SmarterHQ’s unified cross-channel behavioral and profile data and Movable Ink’s platform for creating unique visual experiences at scale enables B2C companies in retail, travel, hospitality, and financial services to add one-to-one behavioral and contextual data visualizations to email, activate live customer data, and generate calls-to-action at the moment of open.

SmarterHQ's unified customer data and real-time triggers combined with Movable Ink's ability to create data-activated visual experiences at the moment of engagement enable marketers to do the following: 

  • Display real-time inventory showcasing products based on browsing, booking, or cart activity within triggered emails;
  • Include customers' up-to-date loyalty points or rewards balances in any triggered email;
  • Drive customers who have expressed interest in certain products to buy online or pick up in-store viatriggered messages, including purchase options at the nearest store based on real-time location; and
  • Use SmarterHQ recommendations and display visually within any email campaign.

"Achieving a 360-view of the customer is only as good as a brand's ability to act on it, which is why Movable Ink's integration with SmarterHQ is such a powerful combination," said Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink, in a statement. "This partnership enables brands to take email personalization further and provide the kind of compelling, highly visual experiences that drive engagement, revenue, and long-term customer loyalty."

"Brands are constantly bombarding consumers with irrelevant messages across every platform," said Michael Osborne, president and CEO of SmarterHQ, in a statement. "This batch-and-blast mentality is an unsustainable approach, as 70 percent of millennials are frustrated with receiving irrelevant emails. Our partnership with Movable Ink allows marketing messages to be both relevant and highly visual, providing the best opportunity to convert shoppers into loyal customers."

"Our partnership with Movable Ink and SmarterHQ has enabled us to transform our email marketing program with highly personalized promotions and product recommendations that are generated with up-to-date prices and available inventory at the moment of open," said Emily Collins, senior email marketing manager at Sam's Club, in a statement. "Being able to easily access unified cross-channel data in our email campaigns has not only streamlined our production process, it has helped us meet our personalization goals as a business."

Movable Ink works with any ESP, and SmarterHQ has 20+ ESP integrations.