• August 11, 2015

Moki Launches MokiTouch 2 Free Kiosk App

Moki, a cloud-based software provider enabling in-store digital experiences and solutions for digital kiosks and other customer-facing devices, today released MokiTouch 2, which updates Moki's free kiosk software application MokiTouch to include Moki Insights, an analytics feature tracking customer interaction at aggregate and device-level.

MokiTouch 2 is highly customizable, offering users complete control over the design of the kiosk experience. MokiTouch 2 includes features to display or loop video, provide open or restricted Internet browsing, customize themes and colors to match the brand, and exhibit Web-based video or image content to connect and engage with customers. Businesses can use MokiTouch 2 to created tailored mobile digital experiences on customer-facing devices, including interactive kiosks, digital signage, video kiosks, and endless aisle shopping devices.

For businesses managing multiple devices, remote devices, or who need access to analytics, Moki Total Control is a comprehensive management and security solution available through paid subscription. Providing critical content management, application updates, and device health monitoring, everything that transpires on a MokiTouch 2 device is analyzed and saved, allowing for instantaneous and remote monitoring, updating, and troubleshooting anywhere and anytime it is needed.

"MokiTouch 2 is the only customer-facing device application that allows businesses to manage, track, and measure customer interaction with devices," said Tom Karren, CEO and co-founder of Moki, in a statement. "As retailers and businesses across the board, large and small, experiment with the use of consumer-facing devices in their locations, they quickly recognize the potential and need for analytics tools and comprehensive remote management capabilities. The powerful combination of Insights and Total Control enables businesses to dynamically analyze the results of in-store marketing campaigns through MokiTouch 2, all from one centralized dashboard, enabling them to adjust their content and strategy accordingly."

Leveraging a front-facing camera with gesture detection to measure actual device usage, Moki Insights delivers in-store customer engagement analytics and insights in real time. Moki Insights offers a number of advanced metrics, including impressions (how many people notice a given customer-facing device), views (how long they linger in front of the device), digital interactions (how many people interact with a device), and average session durations

"Our customers require nuanced information to support their purchase decisions, and MokiTouch has helped grow our sales by as much as 40 percent at many locations," said Scott Buckley, director of marketing at RAB, a New Jersey-based lighting manufacturer, in a statement. "In the past, analysis of in-store initiatives has been difficult because of the logistics of compiling data across stores and devices functioning on separate networks with different managers. MokiTouch has enabled our teams to deploy, monitor, and manage all of our kiosks in the field."

MokiTouch 2 is available on iTunes and Google Play.

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