• November 9, 2015

Mintigo Launches Predictive Campaigns

Mintigo today launched Predictive Campaigns, a marketing tool that uses data and machine learning to increase marketing effectiveness.

"Up until now, campaign automation and nurturing requires too much manual intervention," said Atul Kumar, chief product officer at Mintigo, in a statement. "Similarly, today's campaigns are based on guesswork and intuition rather than hard data, which prevents personalized and relevant messages to reach relevant prospects at the right phase of the buyer journey."

With Mintigo's Predictive Campaigns, marketers can now launch fully automated omnichannel nurturing campaigns driven by predictive intelligence. Predictive Campaigns leverage marketing and sales activities and responses with predictive models to forecast the optimal set of campaign actions.

"Mintigo is uniquely capable of delivering the modern antidote to the problem of unichannel tools and an omnichannel audience," said Jacob Shama, CEO of Mintigo, in a statement. "Its broad intelligence about B2B buyers and their companies, highly scalable learning system, and orchestration layer connected to all channels cause static customer journeys to become dynamic, predictable journeys."

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