• January 31, 2017

MindStorm Releases The Ultimate Prospector

MindStorm today introduced The Ultimate Prospector, a cold email and social selling system for generating sales meetings on demand.

The Ultimate Prospector is a suite of products and services that includes custom implementation, copywriting services (emails, message templates, and scripts), team sales training, and software for automation. The system is designed to use outbound marketing in a repeatable way to help sales teams generate meetings with hard-to-reach executives.

The Ultimate Prospector also binds marketing and sales nto one end-to-end solution for the business to business market. The process targets and engages high-level decision-makers through a strategic series of communications. Each touch increasingly adds more value, moving the prospect through the four stages of the AIDA Model- Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action.

"As we implement this system into businesses throughout the country, across diverse industries, we hear several different reasons why people fall in love with it. For example, business owners and C-Level executives love the predictable nature and the impact it's having on top-line growth, VPs often tell us they love the automation because their salespeople are spending more time having sales conversations and less time looking for sales opportunities, and salespeople love that their calendars are filled with appointments because they are making more money," said George Athan, MindStorm's CEO, in a statement. "The Ultimate Prospector was initially created for our internal method of getting clients and quickly became our number-one tool for growing companies."

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