• September 9, 2021

MiQ Partners with Contobox on Creative Optimization

Programmatic media solutions provider MiQ and ad platform ;provider Contobox have partnered to iimprove dynamic creative optimization (DCO) capabilities.

Under terms of the partnership, ad agencies looking to leverage True Intent to improve their performance campaigns can access it exclusively as part of MiQ's programmatic media solution, enabling results-oriented programmatic campaigns across leading DSPs such as The Trade Desk, Xandr and Google DV360 and actioning end-to-end dynamic creative support from MiQ's team of traders, creative designers, and analysts. In addition, MiQ will work to integrate its leading cookieless targeting solutions with the True Intent technology.

"More than 50 percent of consumers say they are targeted with ads for products or messaging they're not interested in, and 88 percent have seen ads for products that they have already purchased. These misaligned and ineffective ads can lead to poor consumer experiences and put brand reputation at risk, not to mention result in unnecessary advertiser waste," said John Goulding, head of strategy for the United States at MiQ, in a statement. "It's a challenge that legacy DCO solutions should be solving through real-time audience data and personalized ads, but because most technology has relied on simple URL-view based approaches, they are often less impactful. Through our new exclusive partnership with Contobox and access to its True Intent technology platform, we're connecting the powerhouse capabilities of programmatic advertising, planning intelligence technology, real-time data, and custom analytics that will help advertisers overcome these challenges and more effectively target the right consumers with the right creative at the right time to deliver real results."

Contobox's True Intent technology goes beyond URL views and captures in-depth audience data and custom scoring on consumer interest based on engagement with products, features, and other content, and includes everything from dwell time to interactions with product image galleries and their details.

"The need for brands to have ownership of their data to help fuel smarter and more effective marketing strategies is imperative for their success,"said Christine Carey, general manager and senior vice president of sales at Contobox, in a statement. "By combining the strength of our leading True Intent technology with MiQ's powerful programmatic media solution, agencies and brands can execute much more strategic and thoughtful performance campaigns that resonate with the right consumers. Brands utilizing True Intent have seen their return on ad spend improve year-over-year by up to 600 percent for retargeting campaigns and 900 percent for prospecting campaigns. The longer a brand uses True Intent the better the results get, and we haven't had a client max out performance yet."

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