• May 15, 2024

MetaRouter Launches ACCELERATE for Server-Side Data Collection

MetaRouter, a provider of server-side tag managemen and real-time event management solutions, today launched ACCELERATE, a pre-packaged solution to simplify and expedite the transition to server-side data collection.

MetaRouter's ACCELERATE program streamlines implementation timelines while reducing technical debt and data privacy risks. It is purpose-built for organizations seeking higher signal density from their web properties, rounding out their digital data solution designs, or needing resilient event collection to feed their product offerings.

MetaRouter has packaged more than five years of integration best practices into pre-built playbooks to address common data collection use cases for customer data platforms, marketing platforms, identity spines, analytics platforms, and digital advertisers.

The MetaRouter platform drives value across the following three key pillars:

  1. Increased Efficacy: The platform enables long-lasting, first-party cookies to enhance marketing and CDP visibility into and addressability of known and unknown visitors and more deterministic IDs without having to surface a large amount of browser details.
  2. Improved Signal Density: ACCELERATE shifts event syndication from browsers to a first-party, privacy-centric platform, replacing client-side code to strengthen resilience against browser limitations on data proliferation. This approach maintains data governance while respecting user privacy, addressing concerns about measuring customer engagement and tracking ad efficacy.
  3. Robust Integration Library and simplified event data transformation with a user-friendly interface and playbooks.

"MetaRouter ACCELERATE is our answer to the challenges faced by businesses seeking to harness the power of server-side data collection quickly and effectively," said Jonathan von Abo, vice president of partners and alliances EMEA at MetaRouter, in a statement. "By providing a streamlined solution with pre-built 'playbooks,' we empower brands to accelerate their server-side journey and stay ahead of market dynamics, including new data privacy legislation."

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