• March 10, 2016

Memeni Launches Social Community Platform

Memeni has launched a white-label cloud-based solution that enables companies to build their own collaborative communities.

Memeni provides dedicated sites for company audiences to come together and collaborate on issues important to them, all under the companies' domains.

Using advanced content matching technology, each community member’s posts are scanned, and based on the analysis of the text, other relevant community members are invited to the discussion. This collaborative community is overseen by the companies, which can send tailored messaging to the crowds based on their shared interests and discussions.

"The conversation of online marketing is changing," said Memeni Co-Founder and Chairman Arik Benzino in a statement. "Smart brands have begun to form more intimate relationships with their target audiences by providing them with real value, and in turn, branding themselves as leaders in their industry. It's a revolution in marketing perspective, and Memeni is the leading technology behind this, giving brands the platform to jump on board so they won't get left behind."

The firm has already attracted $2.5 million in seed round funding from angel investors.

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