• September 27, 2019

Membrain Launches Prospect Engagement Playbooks

Membrain today released Prospect Engagement Playbooks to help B2B sales teams contact, qualify, and nurture sales leads.

Membrain's customizable Prospect Engagement Playbooks enable sales organizations to build intelligent prospecting processes directly intotheir daily workflows. Capabilities include qualifying criteria for customer fit, scheduled touches, email templates, and text snippets, meeting scheduler, embedded training, and enablement content delivered in context via Membrain's content hub.

"Prospecting is a classic challenge for sales organizations," said George Brontén, Membrain's founder and president, in a statement. "Too many companies manage leads in an unstructured way, losing millions in potential revenues. Or, they resort to automated cadences that treat prospects like machines to be hacked and end up annoying them and poisoning the relationship. Our new Prospect Engagement Playbooks make the prospecting process both easier and more relationship-based."

Prospect Engagement Playbooks sit inside the Membrain platform, in a separate workflow in front of the pipeline of sales opportunities.

"Many companies make the mistake of placing marketing leads directly into the salesperson's pipeline," Brontén said. "This distorts sales KPIs, such as win rates and sales cycle times, and lowers effectiveness because salespeople spend too much time with unqualified leads. We've designed our prospecting module to sit in front of the pipeline and introduced a disciplined way of qualifying leads to generate accurate and useful data for analysis, and pipelines with more momentum and better forecasts."

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