• August 10, 2021

Mediafly Launches Copilot, a Video Sales Tool

Mediafly, a sales enablement technology provider, today launched Copilot, an interactive feature that allows revenue teams to record videos of themselves to provide personalized context on sales, marketing, demo, and training content.

"In today's hybrid-selling environment, video messaging adds a much-needed layer of engagement for sellers, allowing them to illustrate things visually without having to jump on a call or write paragraphs of explanations," said Carson Conant, CEO and founder of Mediafly, in a statement. "Copilot enables revenue teams to record and share high-quality video overlays with their content to drive a more personalized and engaging buying experience. This new feature advances our mission of bringing buyers a more interactive, personalized content engagement experience that drives deal results."

With Copilot, sales reps can produce video voice overs of presentations, interactive proposal walk-throughs, value analysis reports, and product demos that buyers can consume on demand. Managers can also record and send sales trainings for their teams.

Copilot also allows revenue teams to split videos into scenes, so if an error occurs, managers or reps can edit out sections and swap in new recordings. After finalizing videos, users can share them via their Mediafly sales applications and track their performance using Mediafly Insights' content usage and consumption analytics.

"To win deals, you have to communicate value and build strong relationships with your customers. Using Copilot, revenue teams can more effectively personalize their outreach while pairing engaging content with video context throughout the buyer journey," said Dustin Zweck, vice president of sales at Mediafly, in a statement "This tool is a game-changer for reps and managers to deliver interactive video content that captures buyers' attention and keeps deals moving forward, all from within the same sales application they're already using."

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