• October 18, 2022

Mediafly Acquires Aptology

Mediafly, a revenue enablement platform provider, has acquired Aptology, the talent intelligence platform specializing in assessing and predicting sales rep performance. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.>

Aptology is the latest addition to Mediafly's Revenue360 platform, which includes sales enablement, content management, coaching, value selling, and revenue intelligence. Aptology's behavioral surveys will now be known as Mediafly Success Profiles, which factors in coachability, emotional intelligence, motivation and temperament, among other criteria, to match individuals with roles and environments where they will be most successful.

"The hiring, onboarding, and training process is expensive. A bad hire can cost $500,000 or more in hard dollars and opportunity costs due to slow ramp, early turnover, and missed quotas," said Carson Conant, CEO and founder of Mediafly, in a statement. "Mediafly's goal has always been to enable sales reps to execute at the highest levels. Success Profiles empowers us to elevate our vision, helping companies optimize how they build and scale sales teams from the start. From hiring to coaching, enablement to engagement, Mediafly provides the ultimate lens into the behaviors, activities, content and resources required to close deals in this challenging selling environment."

Mediafly Success Profiles allows B2B revenue teams to augment the interview process with predictive insights into how top candidates' behaviors fit with the role, team, and culture and how they will perform.

"The revenue intelligence tools available today can significantly boost sales performance, but ultimately, the lifeblood of your sales organization is the people engaging with customers and responding to high-pressure situations," said Bill Walsh, CEO of Aptology, in a statement. "We share Mediafly's Revenue360 vision of using intelligence at every stage of the revenue journey and look forward to bringing predictive behavioral intelligence to a much broader market and the thousands of revenue teams using Mediafly today."

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