• June 17, 2016

McorpCX Acquires PersonaDrive

Customer experience solutions company McorpCX has acquired PersonaDrive, a creator of cloud-based productivity software. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 2015, PersonaDrive is a productivity platform for creating, managing, and sharing customer insights in the form of digital personas that help teams collaborate and communicate more effectively. McorpCX plans to integrate the acquired technologies and services into its broader CX management platform.

"Personas are key to effective customer experience management. That's why McorpCX has leveraged them for over a decade," said McorpCX President Michael Hinshaw in a statement. "The acquisition of PersonaDrive is expected to enable us to bring traditional segmentation models digitally to life and offer persona management as part of an integrated SaaS platform to streamline the traditional, manual persona creation process."

"In my prior role as an executive at Microsoft, we regularly used personas to better understand customer needs, guiding software development," added McorpCX Vice President Stephen Shay in a statement. "However, the creation and management of these personas was resourc- intensive and time consuming, as the process was entirely manual. With the acquisition and integration of PersonaDrive, McorpCX is expected to make it faster and easier for customer-centric companies to understand and improve experiences for their customers."

"There is tremendous opportunity in customer experience management, and PersonaDrive is only part of the equation," said PersonaDrive CEO Jason Wise in a statement. "We've been proud to see personas help teams move faster, communicate better, and get laser focused on what matters most to deliver better outcomes for their customers. We're really impressed with the vision and expertise the McorpCX team brings to the table, and are excited for future innovations."

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