• October 14, 2015

Maximizer Releases Maximizer CRM 2016

Maximizer today launched Maximizer CRM 2016 with several key feature upgrades that boost cloud capability, employee collaboration, mobile access for flexible work locations, and integration with other cloud-based applications.

"For the vast majority of SMBs, having key business functions in the cloud gives them a competitive edge. We provide them with a platform for realizing their goals and growing their business," said Vivek Thomas, Maximizer's president, in a statement. "Our global cloud solution provides the flexibility, scalability, functionality, and customer management power that SMBs need, along with ISO-standard security, all at a fraction of the cost of an enterprise solution."

Included in the Maximizer CRM 2016 enhancements are the following:

  • The Hotlist module has been upgraded to facilitate collaboration and team activity. Task lists can be shared by multiple users and updated, while users can generate Excel reports on listed actions.
  • Mobile device usability has been developed for fuller Web access. Tapping into Maximizer CRM via tablet or smartphone is seamless, allowing users to better manage their calendars, use map hyperlinks for appointments, access saved searches, and set their preferences.
  • Integration with Google Chrome and a new Maximizer button installation on the Outlook home tab.
  • Sales Opportunity Forecast data can be output and managed as an Excel report.
  • Security has been expanded at the data center, user, and application levels. Enhancements include advancements in password complexity and credentials to ensure best practice, two-level security for documents to control user access, and expanded back-end auditing of actions to support additional accountability.

"We made Maximizer CRM easier and faster to use, taking into consideration a lot of client feedback. Not only has the functionality been improved but, based on rigorous testing, we have ensured that security meets the highest international standards, regardless of where a client operates," said Peter Nielsen, Maximizer's product manager, in a statement. "We will continue to innovate and introduce enhancements that make Maximizer even easier to use."

"We're evolving our core platform so SMBs moving key aspects of their operations to the cloud can continue to use the same trusted CRM solution they've relied on for the last two decades. The cloud capability we offer clients enables them to target, engage, and succeed at a level that was once only the domain of big, global players. We love helping small companies win," Thomas added.

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