• February 28, 2018

Mavenlink Launches Full-Cycle Resource Management

Mavenlink, a provider of cloud-based software for services organizations, today released an advanced Full-Cycle Resource Management solution for the $3 trillion professional and marketing services industries.

The solution is designed to help professional services organizations manage resources on multiple projects across every stage of the services engagement, including estimating, planning, delivering, and analyzing.

"The sub-optimization of resources is one of the most pressing business issues for services firms today, compromising utilization rates, margins, and client satisfaction," said Ray Grainger, CEO and founder of Mavenlink, in a statement. "That is why we have invested heavily to solve it. With this launch, Mavenlink offers the most robust resource management product on the market, enabling our customers to be the best resource managers out there. The agility, efficiency, and reporting capabilities now available in Mavenlink's Full-Cycle Resource Management will give our clients a competitive advantage."

Mavenlink's Full-Cycle Resource Management solution gives services organizations full visualization of current and forecasted resource needs, the tools to manage change and optimize project margins, and the data to elevate the role of resource management from tactical to strategic.

New features announced today include the following:

  • Master Planning Console, a drag-and-drop console that allows managers to allocate work hours and visualize and resolve resource conflicts as they arise;
  • Live View Resource Pool, a comprehensive overview of all team members that allows managers to sort and find the resources they need by project, role, competency, and more;
  • Resource Matching Tool, which helps managers find the best available resources for any given project;
  • Estimates and Scenarios, a comprehensive feature set to help managers estimate project resource needs, costs, and margins, and do what-if analysis before setting a project into motion;
  • Scenario Builder, a solution that enables company estimators to build and compare staffing scenarios and then turn those scenarios into projects;
  • Profit Margin Modeler, a tool to adjust resource compilation, rate cards, and other information; and
  • Staffing & Capacity Dashboard, a set of resource and demand and capacity planning reports via Mavenlink Insights. The new reporting functionality includes a Capacity vs. Demand Forecasting Report that highlights unstaffed demand and available capacity far enough in advance to make needed staffing adjustments; as well as a Roll Off Report, a daily calendar view that highlights any resource who will be rolling off a project soon.

Blue State Digital, a digital design company, was involved in an early-access pilot of the application.

"Mavenlink's approach to resource management allows us to constantly improve the way we make business decisions based on the available resourcing data and a project's needs," said Erika Bellido, operations manager at Blue State Digital, in a statement. "Our business moves very fast, and project and client requirements are always changing. Before Mavenlink, it was difficult to get a bigger picture on what deliverables needed to get completed and what resources we truly had. Now we can look at project needs as a whole and make on-the-fly adjustments based on ideal resource scenarios because we have the visibility into our available resource pool, the tools to make changes very fast and the insights to track resourcing trends and projections, all in a single solution."

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