• February 18, 2015

Marketo Named a Facebook Marketing Partner

Marketo, a provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, has been selected as a Facebook Marketing Partner.

Marketo is also unveiling two new solutions that connect Marketo's Engagement Marketing Platform to Facebook Custom Audiences. Marketers can now improve their Facebook targeted advertising to both known and unknown audiences and make social advertising an integral component of cross-channel marketing campaigns.

With these two solutions, a traveler browsing for hotel deals on a travel site who leaves without making a purchase, When she visits Facebook on her smartphone, she can view ads from the travel site that encourage her back to the site to complete her purchase. Marketers can also combine Marketo RTP data with a personalized retargeting campaign; as a result, marketers can show relevant Facebook ads to specific organizations, industries, or targeted prospects. For example, a doctor who visits Facebook on his desktop can be shown relevant ads in the form of coupons and informational content from a pharmaceutical vendor and other healthcare industry advertisers.

"Marketo strongly believes that a cross-channel approach is the key to successful and impactful marketing," said Sanjay Dholakia, chief marketing officer at Marketo, in a statement. "We're pleased to work with the Facebook Marketing Partner program. By bridging the gap between Marketo's engagement marketing platform and Facebook's social network of almost 1.4 billion global users, marketers can now interact with their customers to better understand them and deliver on their needs."

Facebook's newly restructured Facebook Marketing Partner program allows marketers to find partners based on specific needs and each partner's expertise. Partner badges are awarded to companies that have demonstrated expertise in capabilities that allow marketers to scale their marketing campaigns on Facebook. Marketo currently has the Audience Onboarding specialty, signifying platform excellence in audience onboarding and hosting of first-party marketer data, as well as in creation, segmentation, and management of Facebook's Custom Audiences product.

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