• November 7, 2023

Marchex Launches Generative AI-Powered Call Summary and Sentiment Suite for Vertical Markets

Marchex, a conversation intelligence company, today launched Call Summary and Sentiment Suite capabilities.

Powered by generative artificial intelligence, these new features analyze and generate summaries of consumer-to-business calls, enabling businesses to identify customers who have had exceptional experiences and dissatisfied customers.

Call Summaries leverage generative AI for outcome-focused summaries, giving concise, natural-language descriptions of what occurred during consumer-to-business calls; and agent-focused summaries, with assessments of customer service or sales agent performance during calls.

Sentiment Suite combines structured and unstructured data to provide a holistic view of customer emotions during conversations. It includes the following:

  • Customer Emotion, which gives a high-level assessment of whether conversations were positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Emotion Categories, which assign specific sentiments, such as satisfied, frustrated, or confused, to callers.
  • View of Business, which combines emotion grading and call context to infer customer perceptions of the business: positive, negative, or neutral.

These structured data pieces are then paired with natural language explanations of why callers are reacting the way they are.

Clients can identify which locations or agents have the highest volume of frustrated callers, and whether they can bring those customers around to a positive experience during the conversation journey. Managers can streamline call evaluations and performance assessments.

"We are excited to announce the expansion of our suite of generative AI-driven conversational intelligence capabilities across all of our vertical markets," said Edwin Miller, CEO of Marchex, in a statement. "Call Summary and Sentiment Suite features deliver critical insights and enable businesses to make data-driven improvements at the agent level, fostering improved interactions, enhancing customer satisfaction, and strengthening their overall reputation and customer loyalty."

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