• August 17, 2021

M Science Launches Retail and Consumer Brands Intelligence Platform

M Science, a provider of research and analytics, has launched the Retail and Consumer Brands Intelligence Platform, which provides insights into consumer behavior.

Leveraging tested analytic models and a myriad of data inputs, this new solution delivers real-time data on longitudinal consumer behavior, ecommerce dynamics, granular market performance, product category level insights, competitive growth trends, digital customer journey, and brick-and-mortar foot traffic. Companies also gain an understanding of the impact on key competitive drivers, such as price and channel, and can analyze the flow of customers between competitors. In addition, the data can help clients be more informed about the value of their products and customers for better positioning during discussions with retailers.

"With access to M Science's intelligence, clients will gain insights that are traditionally very difficult to determine, such as specific item-level consumer preferences and market share among competitors," said Elizabeth Coleman, head of product at M Science, in a statement. "This information will be more valuable than ever, answering key questions about how the pandemic has altered shopping habits. Our solution can provide guidance around product sales and category performance, which customers to target and when, and trends that are winning in the marketplace."

"M Science's new intelligence solution is designed to assist merchants, brands, and manufacturers in finding answers to the tough questions regarding consumer cohorts and their buying behavior," said Joshua Stafman, consumer vertical head at M Science, in a statement. "Understanding today's consumer is not easy, especially in the multifaceted retail world, but we created a tool that gives brands a better real-time understanding of the markets, customers and, most important, how consumer wallets are changing and evolving."

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