• December 7, 2021

Lytics Launches Cloud Connect

Lytics, a customer data platform (CDP) provider, today launched Cloud Connect, a freemium, self-service tool that connects data in cloud data warehouses directly to leading advertising platforms for  audience targeting. With this release Lytics is also introducing fully supported connections to data warehouses like Google Big Query, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake.

Cloud Connect is a tool to create consumer audiences with an SQL query editor directly on customers' data warehouses and can activate audiences in more than 40 destinations, such as Google Ads, Amazon Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, to enable targeted advertising.

Cloud Connect offers a number of use cases for IT and marketing teams, from security and regulatory compliance to improved audience targeting for e-commerce and account-based marketing.

"The CDP industry needs to think differently about how our customers can manage and activate their most valuable asset: customer data," said James McDermott, CEO of Lytics, in a statement. "With this launch, Lytics is reimagining its CDP to fit into the new customer data architecture that sits directly on top of our customers' cloud data warehouses."

Lytics lets businesses connect their data in the cloud with the Lytics CDP. Data managers and analysts can create consumer audiences with an SQL query editor directly on the data warehouse and activate audiences in advertising and marketing platforms. The steps are as follows:

  • Authorize a data warehouse connection;
  • Sync customer data using a simple SQL query; and
  • Authorize an ad channel destination to activate on customer data.

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