• March 25, 2014

Loyalty Builders Launches Multivariate Testing Service

Loyalty Builders, a provider of customer analytics, today announced its Multivariate Testing Service (MTS), which will allow marketers to go beyond traditional A/B split testing for their campaigns and test multiple variables in a single test.

Traditional A/B split testing changes only one variable when testing marketing materials, such as email messages, postcards, or catalogues. Variable factors include targeting, price, discount, subject line, graphics, and other factors.

Loyalty Builders designs the tests and scores and interprets the results. After a company creates its campaign materials, it selects the factors it believes are critical to the campaign's success. The company then works with Loyalty Builders, which designs a test using these factors. Loyalty Builders does the math behind the results scoring, then delivers a report detailing how customers respond to each of the variables.

"The best targeting in the world can be far less effective if it is coupled with untested collateral," said Mark Klein, CEO and founder of Loyalty Builders, in a statement. "By understanding exactly what variables work and which ones don't, companies save money and time and marketers are able to deliver the most impactful message to the best targeted customer."

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