• February 15, 2024

Lotame Launches Lotame Collaborate and Lotame Onboarding

Lotame today launched Lotame Collaborate and Lotame Onboarding through Spherical, its comprehensive end-to-end data collaboration platform. Both tools empower digital marketers with more portable data, analysis, and activation, all while acknowledging evolving privacy standards.

Lotame Collaborate simplifies how digital marketers and media owners unlock the potential of first-party data within their organizations and across partners. With it, multiple parties can share permissioned data within the platform. Lotame Collaborate enables users to  to enrich, analyze, and activate first-party data with external partners. It also allows marketers to combine authenticated (logged-in) and non-authenticated (web visitation) data. This integration can result in up to 10x more data available for analysis and scalable activation.

Lotame Onboarding enables digital marketers to match first-party data, such as email addresses, with digital identifiers; retarget audiences; use first-party data as a foundation for reaching larger audiences, and enhance customer persona development and intelligence.

Using Lotame Onboarding, companies can maintain addressability in a cookieless world by importing their data and merging it using Lotame Panorama ID, including hashed emails, mobile ad identifiers, connected TV IDs, and other signals. Then, they can leverage Lotame Collaborate as a private and secure environment for collaboration, allowing data analysis, enrichment, modeling, and activation.

"Data collaboration is table stakes today," said Andy Monfried, CEO of Lotame, in a statement. "Unfortunately, fragmented data sets, non-interoperable platforms, and constantly evolving privacy standards have stalled the industry's ability to deliver on true data enablement and collaboration. With our new offerings in Spherical, which we believe is the industry's most intuitive, interoperable, and high-performing data collaboration platform, we are making data collaboration smarter, faster, and easier than ever."

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