• November 10, 2015

Looker Releases Looker Blocks for Google BigQuery

Looker today launched a series of Looker Blocks for Google BigQuery that help companies build organization-wide data analytics platforms.

Looker, with Looker Blocks for BigQuery and Looker's in-database architecture, makes every petabyte of data in BigQuery available to everyone in a company, not just the data scientist. With Looker and BigQuery, companies can scale query processing power and storage independently and elastically.

"We have over 3.5 petabytes of data, and our teams need access to all of it to run our business. While Google BigQuery is cost-efficient and incredibly fast, only a few people know how to use it. Looker's data platform lets us connect our campaign managers to all the data in BigQuery in a structured way so we are able to continually optimize ad performance and sales," said Daniel De Sybel, chief technology officer at Infectious Media, in a statement.

"Looker and BigQuery are compatible because both technologies are, at the core, architected to scale. Whether you have 250 gigabytes or petabytes of data, Looker makes data exploration easy and accessible to everyone within a company," said Frank Bien, CEO of Looker, in a statement. "We aren't just a visualization tool that only analyzes subsets of the data, we are a reliable data platform for organization-wide analytics and business metrics."

BigQuery is compatible with many of the existing Looker Blocks that launched in September. Today, Looker released the following Looker Blocks and additional features to connect with the Google Cloud:

  • The BigQuery Table Date Range Analytics Looker Block, which capitalizes on BigQuery's data partitioning, allowing Looker to optimize query performance and understand event data over time;
  • Query Size Estimator, which allows data analysts to determine the size of a query before it is run from directly within Looker's data platform;
  • The Google Analytics Premium Looker Block, which sessionizes events at the individual user level and comes pre-built with a full suite of Web analytics metrics. such as funnels, bounce rates, and attribution analysis. Users can layer on additional custom analysis.

Several additional BigQuery-specific Looker Blocks are planned for release over the next few months.

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