• May 25, 2022

Lob Unveils Direct Mail Automation Platform

Lob today launched its direct mail automation platform.

With this platform, Lob is building a solution to help marketers simplify direct mail efforts and add hyper-personalization, measurable ROI, campaign analytics, and automated workflows for omnichannel campaign. It manages the direct mail process end to end, from concept to print, all the way through to delivery and campaign optimization.

"We are disrupting the old way of executing direct mail campaigns and making it a tech-enabled function for the modern marketer. We are empowering businesses to reach millions of homes and offices each day and connect with their customers on a deeply personalized level, all while learning from those interactions," said Ritu Kapoor, chief marketing officer of Lob, in a statement. "We are connecting marketers' digital and physical approaches, synchronizing traditionally disparate functions at a massive scale, and enabling marketers to send millions of unique pieces of direct mail within one campaign. And, just as important, we're shrinking the timeline it takes to get mail in hands, enabling marketers to execute direct mail campaigns in days vs. many months."

Lob's platform provides the following:

  • The ability to execute campaigns as needed: scheduled for a specific date, ad-hoc last minute, or triggered by another marketing initiative;
  • The ability to send mail with no scale or frequency minimums or limits;
  • A strategic zero-touch print and delivery priority network across the United States;
  • Seamless integration into existing tech stacks;
  • Address verification and quality controls that prevent bad mail from going to printers; and
  • Eco-conscious mail.

"When I started Lob eight years ago, I set out to build a company that solved a complex problem and connected the physical with the digital, and direct mail fits right into that bucket and is ripe for automation," said Leore Avidar, CEO and co-founder of Lob, in a statement. "Lob is on the precipice of its next phase, and the launch of our platform is the curtains-up moment for that. I'm excited to see the positive impact we make on the marketing industry and in the enterprise SaaS space."

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