• June 12, 2018

LiveRamp Partners with ADARA

LiveRamp, a provider of omnichannel identity resolution, has partnered with ADARA, a travel data co-op, to deliver people-based marketing solutions across the travel and tourism industries.

Through this partnership, travel marketers will gain greater visibility across the travel planning journey into their consumers and customer lifetime value with people-based intelligence.

"As more and more travelers leave a digital footprint, travel brands and marketers need to adapt their strategies and extend them beyond traditional walled gardens of information," said Layton Han, CEO of ADARA, in a statement. "Our proprietary technology is fueled by pseudo-anonymized, real-time search, purchase and loyalty data from more than 200 of the world's most recognized travel brands. By leveraging our proprietary travel data co-op and aligning it with LiveRamp's intelligent identity resolution services, we're able to achieve the most comprehensive view of the traveler to inform more personalized and impactful marketing strategies at any point in the consumer's travel booking journey. Ultimately, this generates greater return-on-investment by creating more relevant customer offerings that drive future booking decisions."

"Historically, travel marketers and agencies have lacked access to the right tools and resources to achieve scale and precision marketing with ease. Now, as travelers increasingly adopt a mobile-first mindset, more traditional methods have become outdated and ineffective," said Jeff Smith, general manager of brands and agencies and chief marketing officer at LiveRamp, in a statement. "Using LiveRamp's best-in-class IdentityLink service, coupled with ADARA's global travel graph of recognized travelers, brands will receive a unified view of their consumer that they can use to deliver more relevant messaging that reflects consumers' travel preferences and behaviors. Further, this is all done in a privacy-conscious way to inspire deeper brand trust and long-term loyalty."

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