• March 3, 2020

LiveRamp Launches Safe Haven to Enable Data Partnerships

LiveRamp, a data platform provider, today launched LiveRamp Safe Haven, a platform that enables secure, permission-enabled data sharing.

LiveRamp Safe Haven enables omnichannel data and audience collaboration in a neutral, permission-controlled, privacy-first environment. Sitting on a foundation of identity resolution, LiveRamp Safe Haven provides advanced analytics tools to help businesses collaborate with partners and extract insights.

"The LiveRamp Safe Haven is all about enabling next-generation data partnerships. The vision for this platform is to create natural data-sharing relationships between brands and their partners in order to deliver the best possible customer experiences," said Warren Jenson, president of LiveRamp, in a statement. "For example, if you're a retailer, you've historically been limited in your ability to deliver shopper insights to your CPG partners. With LiveRamp Safe Haven, you now have the capability to collaborate with your CPGs and provide them the insights they need to better serve your mutual customers.

"As the advertising system becomes increasingly complex, brands need to consider LiveRamp Safe Haven as a way to diversify sources of trusted data in a privacy- and consumer-first way," Jenson said.

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